About Unko Sensei

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About Unko Sensei

What do children hate? Studying.
What do children love? POOP!

Unko Sensei is a teacher who combines the two together in a new “study workbook” which fuses “poop” x “learning.”

Since its release in March 2017,
“The Poop Workbook Series” has become a massive hit.
It has sold a total of 5 million copies, where every 2 in 3 elementary school children in Japan own a copy.

With his unique coloring and lovable figure,
Unko Sensei has established himself as the new classic character that represents studying!

Unko Sensei’s Mission

To make learning (education) fun!

UNKO Project

To realize you are actually learning while you are playing.
To realize you are having fun while studying.

Unko Sensei improves the formative experience of “learning” and changes these “first” experiences that children have into something better.
By liking Unko Sensei, one is led to have positive experiences such as, “growing one’s strengths”, “overcoming one’s weaknesses”, and “becoming more curious.”
Our wish is for Unko Sensei to be a figure who offers children the “future.”


The Poop Workbook Series

unko kanji grade1

The Poop
Kanji Workbook

unko math 1nen

The Poop
Math Workbook

unko tashizan 1nen

The Poop
Arithmetic Workbook

The Poop Workbook Series for Kids (3-6 Year Old)

unko hiragana

The Poop
Hiragana Workbook

unko katakana

The Poop
Katakana Workbook

unko wisdom

The Poop
Thinking Skills Workbook

unko number

The Poop
Number Workbook

Products・Plop Products

unko handkerchief

The Poop

unko earmuffs

The Poop
The Poop Earmuffs

unko ruck sack

The Poop
The Poop Backpack

series total 5 million copies