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We Are Bunkyosha.

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Our Mission

Presenting entertainment that delivers dreams and hopes for all.
Our works offer people the catalyst to take a new step forward and realize their true potential.

About Us

Established in April 2010
President Shuji Yamamoto

Address : Kyodo Tsushin Kaikan Building 9F, 2-2-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, JAPAN
Tel +81 3 5575 5050 Fax +81 3 5575 5051


We are a publishing company focusing on nonfiction books.
Our main publishing genres are business, self-development, cooking, children’s, investment, conversation technique, and technique on working.
In addition, we also publish a variety of books in various fields such as study reference and horoscope.
The company was launched in Japan in 2010. Although we are still a relative newcomer to the industry, we consistently publish hits that sell more than 100,000 copies every year and have won numerous awards.
We have started the foreign book component of our business in full-scale from 2016.

Bunkyosha is established by
publishing “The Four Leaf Clover.”
『Anything is Paw-ssible! (570,000 copies sold)』
wins the 48th Shim-pu Award
『Everything Will Be Meow-kay! (930,000 copies sold)』ranks 2nd in the numbers of book sales in total in Japan.
『Nevertheless I Dream On(240,000 copies sold)』ranks 2nd in books authored by entertainment personalities
Begins planning for movies, starts investment department 「In The Hero」
『The Theory of LOVE 』 becomes the book that is the basis for the TV Drama “The Theory of LOVE”
Begin producing stationary/misc goods work “100 Sticky notes” which sells over 200,000 copies
『The Big Power of Small Talk(600,000 copies sold)』 ranks #1 in the business book genre 『Bring Happiness to Your Entire Day with Breakfast』 wins a semi-grand prize in the Cooking division of The Best Recipe Book Awards
『Recipes Full of Compliments』 wins the same prize in the Cooking Division as above
『Marriage Hunting Bootcamp』 becomes the original basis for the TV Drama series 「It’s not that I can’t get married, I don’t want to get married」
『Everything Will Be Meow-kay!』series sells over 1,970,000 copies
『The Poop Kanji Workbook』series sells 3,680,000 copies becoming a big hit
『The Poop Kanji Workbook』wins Gold at the Good Design Awards, wins the Special Examiner Prize at the Kids Design Awards
『The Poop Kanji Workbook』nominated for the Buzzword Awards
『The 3 Year Horoscopes』series sells over 500,000 copies
『The Poop Kanji Workbook』receives honorable mention at the 10th Japan Marketing Awards
『Survival Wedding』becomes the original work that the TV Drama series “Survival Wedding” is based off of Seriously enter the field of translated works
『The Intellectual Devotional』 seriessells over 400,000 copies, 『DEATH』sells over 170,000 copies
『The Poop Workbook』series sells over 5,150,000 copies in total